Homicide investigation in Lone Grove

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LONE GROVE, Okla. -- The body of a woman found in her Lone Grove home has been officially ruled as a homicide. Making matters even more disturbing, her two-year-old grandson was apparently inside the Meridian Lane home at the time of the killing.

That child is alright, but tonight authorities are looking for suspects.

It was Pamela Sue Purser's son who came home from a trip Sunday to find his mother's body.

So far the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is not naming a cause of death or a motive.

In fact they couldn't find any signs of forced entry or anything disturbed in the home.

"There’s quite a few leads were going to follow up on. Everyone was kinda of beat this morning. We gathered a lot of information and evidence last night, so we’re taking day to regroup," said Lone Grove Police Chief Robert Oldham

Pursers did have custody of the two year old. No word on how long pursers had been dead.