Titanic survivor's items auctioned in north Texas

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SANGER, TX--It was called the "ship of dreams." Some even called it unsinkable, but the R.M.S. Titanic did sink in the northern Atlantic Ocean in April of 19-12; claiming the lives of more than 22-hundred people.
Tonight, nearly 100 years later, in North Texas, furniture owned by a surviving titanic passenger was auctioned off.
She wasn't well known when the ship went down, but today her name is a part of the history. Daniel Armbruster has the story.

It's been nearly a century since Titanic went down, but even 98 years later the fascination of the doomed maiden voyage remains.
Tonight in Sanger, Texas, several gathered at the Caraway Auction House to bid on furniture once owned by surviving passenger Elizabeth Gladys Dean.

They never knew her, but they know her story...

"People would just like to have some of her items because she was on the Titanic."

Antiques Dealer, Cheryle Leon, is talking about Elizabeth Gladys Dean.
Dean was just 9 weeks old when her family boarded what was called the "unsinkable" ship. They were traveling on the Titanic as third class passengers from Southampton, England.

"They were coming to Kansas to open up a tobacco shop,” said Billy Caraway, Caraway Auction House.
It's not exactly the storyline of the Blockbuster hit 'Titanic' staring Leonardo Decaprio and Kate Winslet, but the ending was also tragic for the Dean family.

As the ship was going down, Dean's mother, brother, and herself were saved, but her father was not. The family did manage to salvage some of his furniture, which was sent back to England with Dean. When she passed away last summer at the age of 97, she was the last known survivor of the R.M.S. Titanic. The Caraway Auction House obtained these items from overseas...

"It was purchased in Europe by our suppliers over there that we sell containers for they bought it from the Dean estate from the cousins of Mrs. Dean and they put it on a ship to be shipped to the U.S. to be sold at public auction,” said Caraway.

Dean's estate items include a mirror back buffet, a bookcase, and a drop-front desk.

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