Attempted Kidnapping at Local Park

6-16-04 - An Ardmore girl claims two men tried to kidnap her as she walked to a city park on Saturday. The 12-year-old said it happened in broad daylight on her way to Walker Park, but she managed to escape by hitting one man with her shoe.

The northwest neighborhood park is one frequented by many parents and children - people who say they were shocked by today's news. The girl told police a gray, older model 4-door call pulled up alongside her, and a man grabbed her arm and told her to get in. The girl resisted, so the man got out of the car and tried to force her inside. But the young woman fought back and hit the man in the eye with her shoe, then managed to run away.

But she didn't come forward until 3 days later, fearing she'd get in trouble with her parents.

The two suspects are described as white men, one in his 50's or 60's, and the other in his 40's.