Gen. Patton's personal driver speaks to Sherman HS students

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SHERMAN, TX -- Sherman High School students got a chance to hear from an eyewitness to history this morning. Francis "Jeep" Sanza, was General Patton's driver during World War II. Sanza shared his memories of the war and the general with students this morning.

Sanza survived D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge. He says it's important to him to help kids remember their history. He says General Patton was a great soldier who played a critical role in World War II.

"He was a serious man. What gets me was how old he looked for 59, he really did, then you stop and think about what the guy was going through, sometimes he would get so excited he would turn red," Sanza says.

Sanza says he will be in Sherman over the next few days to watch the Super Bowl with his son.

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