Mead residents having to reach their homes by boat

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MEAD, Okla. -- High waters are forcing some mead residents to boat to and from their homes. Ten feet of water now covers the only road into a local neighborhood.

On Texoma Road, nearly 100 residents have to get into their homes by boat because of all the flooding.

Mead firefighters delivered medication to some of the elderly residents who where not able to endure the shaky boat ride out.

The other big concern for residents in this tight community is their homes are not accessible to emergency vehicles.

Mead firefighters say they now bring a rescue boat on all of their calls so they are able to deal with high waters, and a helicopter would be called in if someone was seriously injured.

Resident Jennifer Lockhart says she's been left on the shores and hopes nothing more serious happens to someone needing to get out.

"The guy I live with, Kyle, he talks to the sheriff’s department and people about what they can get down here. He says they need someone on each end at all times in case of an emergency. But they say there’s really nothing they can do for us like the night we got stuck in our car they said no one could come so I’m hoping nothing bad happens to any one," said Lockhart.

Residents were told a week ago that it could take 12 to 14 days for these waters to subside but with all this new rain there now being told it could take over a month.

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