Bolstering marina security

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LAKE TEXOMA -- Even though activity is pretty dead on the lake, marina officials don't want any negative activity happening. They stepped up security to secure valuable property.

During a quiet day at High Port Marina, most boats stay docked. The lake is too dangerous to navigate. Marina workers want to keep unwanted guests from their waters.

"It's very dark out here and we've obviously got several boats so it's just something we need to do for our customers," said Scott Heyward, High Port Marina assistant manager.

Heyward says they shifted their manpower. Those who would usually work on boats are working security patrol instead. Most of the men are familiar with the marina and its customers.

"It's a big responsibility for those guys but they've gone on head-strong and taken care of business like they need to. They know it's been a challenge and they've stepped up to the plate 100 percent," said Justin Heyward, the water taxi driver.

During the day Justin shuttles boat owners to their docks and looks out for suspicious activity. At night, at least seven employees in three boats are patrolling the waters, an increase from the two boats normally patrolling.

Sometimes they work with the spotlights glaring. Other times, in-what they call- stealth mode.

"In the evening you can hear anything coming down the road, whether it's Tanglewood road or High Port Road," Scott said.

As rain keeps the lake moving to higher levels, these guys are working to keep millions of dollars worth of boats and equipment safe and secure.

"As spectacular as the water is, it's almost as neat a thing to see these guys just running around taking care of business because there really hasn't been any area untouched."

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