Lake level rising

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DENISON, Tex. -- Lake Texoma is rising and pouring over the emergency spillway. Fish were literally flying over the spillway into Shawnee Creek Tuesday morning heavy rain added more water to an already full Lake Texoma.

Within a three-hour period on Tuesday, the lake rose more than three inches and the Army Corps of Engineers expects the lake to crest at a new elevation level.

While the heavy rainfall was impressive, the Corps says it didn't set the lake back at all.

"As far as the stream flooding is concerned, right now we don't anticipate anything more than what we've been seeing all week. We did get some rain on the Red River, below the Denison Dam, and on the Washita coming into the lake,” said Ron Jordan of the Army Corps of Engineers.

The floodgates are open, and the Corps continues to generate power.

They say they want to keep the level around 30,000 cubic feet per second to control the Red River and keep it from spilling out of its banks downstream.

Some aerial pics from the lake:

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