Water continues to rise at Sherwood Shores

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LAKE TEXOMA -- Sherwood Shores, a small community on Lake Texoma just north of Whitesboro, is another area hit hard by flooding this summer.

Sherwood Shores fire chief Ron Blackwell says all they need is a week with no rain because if the waters of Lake Texoma continue to rise, then the risk of accidents will as well.

That’s something which they cannot afford to handle right now.

A road which should be traveled on by car now can only be crossed by boat.

"When the water came up the only way we could get the people up to their homes and get them back and forth and get them medical care up on that cul-de-sac is by boat," says Herman Green.

Green works at the Gainesville Boat Club and says he has never seen rising waters like these. Officials point out the 3 ½ inches Tuesday morning aren't going to slow the rising lake down at all.

"The boat club has taken the majority of the damage to any homes out here. We’ve had some other home that have come close, but they don’t have any water in them," says Sherwood Shores fire chief Ron Blackwell.

Blackwell adds that their normal response times to homes at the boat club averages around five to six minutes, but that time has grown.

"We can’t get fire apparatus because the water is about six or seven foot deep. So what we would have to do is take our floating fire pump and take it into the area with a golf cart or little narrow path they have."

The water is pretty high up and all these home are in danger of being flooded and officials here at the Gainesville Boat Club say if they do get anymore rain the next couple of days, they could have serious problems on their hands.

"Right now, if it comes up more we'll have three houses that are flooded and we have one that is sandbagged that had water in it back in the flood of 1989."

Officials at the club say home owners that are in danger of the rising waters have moved out.

As more water rises, the harder it is for emergency personnel to help residents still in their homes.

"It definitely doesn’t look good as far as the people out here."

Boat club management says they plan on sandbagging any more homes that are in danger and want to warn everyone to proceed with caution as they make their way to and from their homes.

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