Gas at $3.29 in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- The price of gas is now at $3.29 for just one gallon of gas in Ardmore as prices shot up again on Wednesday.

That's ten cents over night.

The gas in Ardmore is now 40 cents more than the national average. Back on Sunday, gas was at a steady $2.85.

Officials are saying it’s because of refinery problems. Some Oklahoma refineries are having equipment malfunctions, and Kansas refineries are having flooding issues.

The question on the minds of many of the town’s residents is why it spiked in Ardmore. Gas prices in Madill are $2.99 and in Denison is just $2.81.

AAA officials say that Ardmore isn't the only town like this in the country. Amarillo is at $3.30 and Corpus Christi is at $2.70 a gallon.

AAA says it’s just the high demand that has caused the increase.

First News will be contacting local refineries on Wednesday and will have more as it becomes available.

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