Planning for the future

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BONHAM,Tex. -- As the rains continue to fall across north Texas, city officials in Bonham are making sure their drainage system can hold these types of rains in the future. It’s all part of a comprehensive study to make sure all areas of the city can accomodate expected growth in the coming years.

Bonham mayor Roy Floyd knows his city is growing and says the city is further along than they expected it to be ten years ago.

Now with the help of a new study, city officials want to make sure the city and its residents won't be taken by surprise ten years from now.

Bonham, Texas, is a city with a growing economy and population, but it’s that population which has strong opinions on the condition of their city.

"Downtown would look one hundred percent better if they would clean up the burnt building," said one resident.

"We need more factories, and we don’t have any jobs here…everyone has to go some place else to work," added another Bonham resident.

"I think our city roads, especially in south Bonham, are horrible. They have a lot of pot holes that need to be fixed.”

All those concerns and more are exactly what city leaders hope to address by laying out a plan for the city’s future.

"We need to set up some standards for these people because the standard will make Bonham look better, do better over the next ten years," said Bonham mayor Roy Floyd.

Thanks to a $50,000 grant from the office of rural community affairs. City officials will undergo a comprehensive planning session. In order to determine what the city needs to do over the next decade that includes drainage concerns.

"The flood issues that’s come up today is something that we need to look at because we've had some problems that we need to take care of today that will help us ten years from if it happens again," says Floyd.

And rebuilding downtown after the devastating fire two months ago is a top concern.

"We need to repair it in a manner that is consistent with our old heritage that we have going here, we want to keep that quality of life and that charm and look," says Mayor Floyd.

Other concerns for officials include improving the cities roadways and attracting more business. The study will be conducted over the six months, and once it’s completed, officials want the public’s input.

The planning and zoning committee will be conducting the study along with a law firm out of Dallas.

Results should be in by Christmas with several public comment periods to follow.

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