Pottsboro meets to address teen driving tragedies

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POTTSBORO, Tex. -- Seventeen accidents in six months have left the community of Pottsboro stunned and wondering how to keep their kids safe on the roads.

Thursday night more than 150 people attended a meeting to talk about driving safety, including the father of 16-year-old Shelby Dunn-Johnson, who was killed in an accident last May.

He says drivers' education courses should be mandatory others suggested the city place more signs and reflectors around sharp curves on rural roads.

Police Chief Brett Arterburn says a majority of the accidents happen at night and most drivers are under the age of twenty.

The chief says tonight's meeting generated some good ideas.

"if we can get these people to the right places and get the drivers ed back in school i believe it will help the progress tremendiously," said Arterburn.

City and school officials say they will look into reinstating the drivers' education program at the high school.

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