Jones Testifies - Claims Self Defense

6-28-04 - A Whitesboro woman on trial for murder took the stand in her own defense today. Kristi Jones was the first defense witness called in the Grayson County trial, one year after Whitesboro jeweler John McCullough was shot to death outside Jones' home.

Her attorneys continued a theme that they began ten days ago during opening arguments - painting the victim to be a man who had bad blood with Jones, including an alleged sexual attack in the summer of 2002.

Jones also testified that McCullough and his wife would stalk her on her way to and from work. She says that's why on the night of the shooting she felt threatened when the McCullough's Tahoe pulled into her driveway.

Armed with a handgun, she and McCullough's sister-in-law Gail Riddle, got into a fight. She testified McCullough then attacked her and she shot him out of self-defense.

The court also heard 911 tapes of the call for help that night. The defense says the tapes show Jones, a nurse, was trying to save McCullough's life by dialing 911 and performing CPR.

On the tape, she admitted to shooting McCullough but didn't offer an explanation.

During cross-examination, prosecutors had Jones re-enact the fight, and how she shot McCullough while laying on the ground. Prosecutors also called four other witnesses Monday morning before resting their case. Those people testified that Jones shot McCullough out of revenge. The defense team is expected to wrap up their case by Wednesday.