Escapees on Crime Spree Through North Texas

Authorities say an inmate being transferred between Bowie and Kaufman counties overpowered two guards, apparently took a fellow prisoner hostage and sped away in the van that had been carrying them.

53 year old Richard Allen Hancock stole two other vehicles and took three more hostages around Bonham before being captured. All of the hostages were unharmed.

Bowie County Sheriff James Prince said authorities believe inmate 37-year-old Ronald Wayne Lee may have not been part of the escape and was only taken because he was familiar with the area.

Prince says the incident began about 15 miles outside of Kaufman, when Hancock produced what appeared to be a firearm and took the guards' guns, leaving the two guards and eight other inmates along the road.

The two inmates then drove into Terrell, where a man mowing his
lawn was taken hostage and his truck stolen.

Bonham Police Chief Mike Bankston says that the three went into
Bonham where a doughnut shop was robbed and the two owners were taken hostage. The man who had been taken hostage earlier was
released before the inmates took off with the doughnut store owners
in their vehicle.

A short time later the hostages were released and Hancock was

Hancock and Lee are in the Fannin County jail. After they are arraigned, they'll be transferred to Kaufman County, where they could face more charges.