Kerry Announces Pick For Running Mate

07-06-04 - John Kerry has picked former rival John Edwards to be his vice-presidential running mate. The news came in a phone call. Democratic sources say Kerry offered Edwards the number-two spot on the Democratic ticket in a phone call Tuesday morning, and that the North Carolina senator accepted.

Kerry announced his pick by e-mail to supporters, and then will speak at a rally in Pittsburgh. The candidate says he and Edwards will be "fighting for the America we love." He also says they'll be fighting to "give the middle class a voice."

Edwards won only one primary during his run for the presidential nomination, but appealed to thousands of Democratic voters with the positive tone of his campaign.

Some Democrats have feared that Edwards, who has served just one Senate term, lacks the experience in international affairs needed or a war-time candidate. However, aides say Kerry was won over during his search for a running mate by private meetings with Edwards, his performance as a campaign surrogate after the primary fight ended, and pressure from Democratic leaders.