Attempted Murder; Man Left For Dead

07-06-04 - A 21 year old man was flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas after an assault in Whitesboro early Tuesday morning. Police say the victim is in critical condition with life threatening injuries after his friend hit him with his car and then left him for dead.

According to investigators, at around midnight two 21 year old men were riding in a car along highway 82 when they got into an argument. One man got out of the car, the driver then looped around and struck the victim with his vehicle. The suspect fled the scene and was later arrested at Wilson N. Jones by a Grayson County Sheriff’s Deputy; the suspect was looking for his friend.

That man is now in the Whitesboro jail, awaiting arraignment. He is facing a charge of aggravated assault; however it the victim dies that charge could be increased to murder.

Police have not released the names of the victim or the suspect.