Kerry, Edwards Kick Off Campaign

07-07-04 - (Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania-AP) John Kerry and John Edwards have appeared at their first photo opportunity together since Kerry picked Edwards to be his running mate on the Democratic presidential ticket.

The two spoke to reporters Wednesday while appearing with their families at Kerry's wife's estate outside Pittsburgh.

Kerry says his campaign with Edwards will be a journey to make America stronger at home and respected again abroad. For his part, Edwards says Kerry shares his "values and visions."

Edwards says their campaign now will be about "restoring hope" that "tomorrow will be better than today" for Americans. The ticket heads to Cleveland late Wednesday for the start of a multi-state tour that will end Saturday in Edwards' home state of North Carolina.

Meanwhile, President Bush is pushing for congressional action on his judicial nominees.
Bush is heading to North Carolina, which is now a hot state in the presidential race.
Wednesday’s visit was planned weeks ago, but it comes a day after Democrat John Kerry tapped North Carolina Senator John Edwards as his running mate.

Bush plans to highlight Edwards' role in blocking one of his nominees, a chief judge of the federal district court for eastern North Carolina.

Democrats are hoping to make headway in Republican-leaning North Carolina with Edwards on their ticket. Bush easily won the state four years ago. Recent polls show him with a slight lead over Kerry.