Ardmore auto plant plans on hold

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- It was the plan that appeared to create quite a bit of excitement in southern Oklahoma. Now, there's news of a stall on the part of an international automaker. The proposed MG auto plant has been put on hold came during Wednesday’s state of the city luncheon in Ardmore.

If it wasn’t for the curiosity of one person in attendance wanting to know about MG Autos coming to town, then the hundreds listening in the room probably wouldn’t have known that those plans are now on hold.

The announcement that auto maker MG was coming to town came over a year ago. During Wednesday’s state of the city luncheon, Ardmore Chamber of Commerce president Wes Stucky was asked about MG coming to town.

"It’s still in negotiation. There are license issues to be worked out between Nanjin Motors and Shanghai Motors until that’s resolved. It’s moving slowly," said Ardmore Chamber of Commerce President Wes Stucky.

Besides the licensing dilemma, Stucky said there are issues within the Chinese government that stand in the way of this project becoming a reality.

"Obviously, it’s out of our hands, its out of the chamber’s hands, actually out of the United States’ hands. As far as recruitment, the Chinese government has issues, and we will sit back and wait for them to get through that." said Ardmore mayor Bob Guerin.

Today's news is the latest in a series of perceived setbacks for the project. Stucky said earlier this year plans of MG coming to town were still going as planned with a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

"We have to get designs finalized get process completed get autos certified."

Then in March, rumors surfaced that MG autos wouldn’t come to Ardmore at all.

Stucky put those rumors to rest, and with Wednesday’s announcement of MG plans on hold, chamber officials are waiting on MG officials to work things out

"All we can say is negotiations are still underway. That’s all I know. I’m not involved in those negotiations."

Until then, officials will just have to wait for MG officials to work things out on their own.

No word on if or when things will get back on track.

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