Noisy neighbors

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COLBERT, Okla. -- Members of a Colbert neighborhood say they are fed up with about 70 dogs in their neighborhood. Apparently all those dogs belong to one person. Linda Webb says her lifelong dream is to raise puppies, but now her neighbors say they've had enough.

Billy Erwin lives behind the kennel and wakes up to the same noise every morning.

"It's hard to read and concentrate, it's terrible," he said.

Webb keeps several different breeds of dogs, about seventy dogs in all.

"I've always wanted to be in the dog business well they're just so precious you have to love them," she said.

Her neighbors don't love the noise and smell. They say piles of dog feces, plus all the barking, makes it hard for them to spend time in their yards and enjoy life at home.

"You can't capture the noise at night and the smell in the morning. That's not something you want to wake up to," Erwin said.

Linda says she lives outside Colbert city limits and tried to tap into the city's sewer line but can't. Now she's hoping a septic system on her property will help control the smell.

"I do know there's a problem, but the rain has hampered a lot of it," Webb said.

Neighbors say they've seen packs of dogs running down the streets at times and believe they belong to Webb. Some of those against her pet-practices hope the situation becomes more manageable for everyone soon.

"She's a sweet person, a sweet lady, but she needs some help. She needs help taking care of those dogs," said Rebekah Molina, a neighbor.

Bryan County sheriff's deputies were at the scene Wednesday, but no word on their findings. Webb says she is applying for a kennel license from the USDA.

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