Big Brother Shocker for Local Man

7-7-04 - A 23-year-old Durant man made his television debut on Big Brother 5 Tuesday night, two years after he first tried out for the show at Midway Mall in Sherman. But Michael Ellis learned some startling information about his own life on the live reality show.

The show’s producers promised a huge surprise for the season premiere, but it turned out to be a surprise for Michael himself, who learned that he had a half-sister, Jennifer Debmon, who was also a fellow house guest.

First News spoke to Michael’s fiancée today, who felt that CBS took advantage of him for the sake of ratings. While she admitted being excited that he got to meet a family he's never known, she just wished it wasn't for the entire world to see.

She thinks that before the show is over, he could also meet his real father, a man he has never met. Big Brother airs Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday nights.