Falling Meteor Caught on Tape

7-08-04 - A falling meteor was seen by thousands across Texas and Oklahoma, and caught on a police officer's dash camera. By Thursday, experts had surmised that the fireball was likely space debris entering the Earth's atmosphere. A Rowlett, Texas officer caught the image on his dash camera during a traffic stop - showing the fireball for a total of 8 seconds.

The National Weather Service says the fireball was most likely a large meteor.

It was seen as far south as Waco and east to Sulphur Springs and parts of south-central United States.

A spokesman for the National Weather Service in Fort Worth said the sightings were not tied to a weather event and the Regional Federal Aviation Administration says there have been no reports of missing aircraft.

Officials say they didn’t find debris or a crash site Wednesday night. Witnesses say the fireball was appeared in the sky for only a few seconds.