Nursing home neglect

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After allegations of neglect in a Celina nursing home, a family tells KXII their story. We told you about the Amberwood Care Center earlier this week. A state agency appointed a trustee to take over the facility after investigators found the patients in poor conditions.

Starla Blaylock says her daughter Stephanie lived at Amberwood Care Center for five months and felt powerless as she watched her daughter experience mistreatment.

Medicaid placed Stephanie in the center after she had a devastating accident while riding a horse that sent her into a coma, Starla said.

During Stephanie’s time at Amberwood, Starla says the staff would wait weeks before washing her hair, didn't monitor her oxygen levels properly, and allowed dogs not used as handicap aides to roam around the facility.

Stephanie was 26 years old when she died in March from her injuries. Starla says she probably would have lived longer if she stayed somewhere else.

"Everytime we just kept hitting dead ends and couldn't get here out of there,” Starla said. “The story that ran said maybe they can save the 42 people's lives that were in there, well it's too late to save our daughter."

Starla says she contacted the Texas Department on Aging and Disabilities, the agency investigating the center. They are adding her case to the file. The owner of the facility is not allowed to interfere with the state-appointed trustee currently running the home.

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