Bonham's 'Virtual Square'

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BONHAM, Tex. -- All the action on the Bonham downtown square can now be seen from the comfort of your own home thanks to modern technology.

A new device which allows anyone to take a look at the southeast corner of the square, ‘Bonham Cam’ was introduced this week.

The camera was installed by the technology company Tyrosys in order to promote this past weekend’s heritage festival held in Bonham,. It runs on a 7-second delay for PC users and about a 15-second delay for Mac users.

Developers say it is one of the best ways to showcase their city to the world.

"What we like it for is that you can get a real flavor for what the square is all about. These are heritage buildings. It just feels different from a lot of the suburbs you'll see." said Tyrosys president & CEO Bill Chapman.

If you would like to see what’s going on out there right now, you can go to (link) to see the live feed.

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