Meth lab found in woods

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GRAYSON CO. -- Grayson county sheriff's deputies are looking for suspects after busting a drug lab Wednesday night. Deputies say a tip call led them to the makings of a meth lab hidden in the woods.

A county environmental office spread the evidence along the side of Highway 69 north of Denison. A caller saw a blue tub in the woods and thought it was looked suspicious. Authorities found tubes, empty containers of starting fluid, acetone, plastic protective suits, and other supplies used to cook meth.

Sheriff's officials say it looks like someone left these items in the woods to pick it up later. There weren’t enough chemicals left in the containers to cause environmental concerns.

"This definitely was a lab one time because of the protective clothing that is found here and some of the glass works, the tubes and everything that would still be available to be used, but the chemicals are almost gone," said Lt. David Hawley, with the Grayson county sheriff’s office.

Lt. David Hawley says it will cost about $5,000 to clean the area. Whoever is responsible will be fined for that amount. No word Wednesday night on exactly how many people may be involved.

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