Marshall Co. FEMA meeting leaves many angry

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. -- Marshall County has already lost several million in summer revenue due to the floods. On Friday, county leaders and FEMA representatives met with citizens and business owners about bringing disaster relief for the area.

During the meeting FEMA representatives said their goal is to repair county roads and bridges first, while aid could be on the way to the county.

Business owners and residents say they weren't happy with what they heard on Friday.

Many business owners attending Friday’s FEMA meeting say they are left with more questions than answers about when and if they'll receive federal aid.

Gary miller is the owner of Cumberland Cove. He says the success of his business depends on summer revenue, which has been washed away by the floods.

Miller says even when he's finished with the cleanup within the next few weeks, it will still be a long time before his business gets back on track.

Many area businesses, like motels, also depend on visitors to the lake. They are feeling the effects as well.

Marina owners say they won’t give up on their efforts to get federal relief for lost revenue, now some of them are trying to get their lawmakers involved.