Fahrenheit 9-11 Shown in Bush Backyard

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) - Hundreds of people descended on tiny
Crawford -- a few miles from President Bush's ranch -- about half
to show their support of the president and the other half to see a
documentary criticizing his administration.

In this one-stoplight town, many folks aren't too happy about
the arrival of filmmaker Michael Moore's blistering documentary
"Fahrenheit 9-11."

Many of the town's 700 residents and others from across the
state were expected to attend a pro-Bush rally tonight before the
movie was shown in a parking lot by Crawford's high school football

Rally speakers included Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson
and state Representative Arlene Wohlgemuth, the GOP congressional
candidate for District 17, which includes Crawford.

Showing the film was the idea of those at the Crawford Peace House, an interfaith gathering place that often serves as a catalyst for peace protests at Bush's nearby ranch.