Pipeline informational in Denison

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DENISON, Tex. -- The controversy continues over a proposed natural gas pipeline through north Texas and southeastern Oklahoma. The debate raged on in Denison on Friday.

Officials with Houston-based Gulf South Pipeline say they are doing all they can to make sure all questions about their pipeline are answered, because a current lack of information is what’s causing all the questions in the first place.

Members of the Denison Chamber of Commerce and concerned residents met at the hickory house in Denison to listen to a representative speak about the project.

Officials say the proposed gulf crossing pipeline will begin just east of Sherman, run up through Bennington, Oklahoma, and then back down through Paris, ending in Tellulah, Louisiana.

The project itself represents an investment of approximately $1.3 billion and has drawn strong opposition from residents along the path, especially in Cherry Mound, where one of the compressor stations would be located.

Officials say company executives have met with those residents, but representatives will be available to make sure everyone truly understands the project.

If the company is able to acquire all the land necessary to build the pipeline, construction is scheduled to begin in March of 2008 with a completion date of December of that same year.

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