Carter County gas war

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CARTER COUNTY, Okla. -- If you've taken a peek at gas prices in Ardmore, I’m sure you've noticed they have dropped quite a bit. Some might say its because of a friendly war in town.

In mid July Ardmore's gas prices shot up to $3.29 for regular unleaded fuel. At that time those prices didn’t sit too well with consumers. “That is a lot of money. That was too much to be paying for gas. I'd just come back from Michigan it was only in the $2.90's."

Some would even head down to Texas just to fill up. “I thought we were way too high filled up every chance I got down there."

Barely the first week of August and the Conoco station on commerce is selling at $2.75; across the street the Valero station is competing at $2.73.

The new guys seemly pushing the competition, Flying J, has everyone beat at $2.71. “Because we have the “C” store and restaurant and a lot of things we can rely on as far as income we can live on a smaller margin than most other plazas and gas stations"

Friendly competition doesn't seem to hurt and consumers obviously don’t mind! “Competition is in town and the free enterprise system is working."."

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