The rebuilding process in Gainesville

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GAINESVILLE, Tex. -- Officials continue the rebuilding process in Gainesville after the devastating floods earlier this summer. The flooding in Pecan Creek caused the most damage in the city.

Today the water is trickling through Pecan Creek. It’s a drastically different scene from June 18th when the water spilled over the banks.

City leaders say high waters damaged several bridges along the creek as well as roads and homes. Three people even died in the rushing waters.

On Tuesday night, the city council is set to start on multiple project agreements with an engineering firm and then authorize the first task in the project which will repair some of the creek beds.

"These improvements down the road are going to make a major enhancement for our community. It'll create a safer environment for our community and it will create a more attractive feature for our community also,” says Gainesville city manager Mike Land.

City leaders have eight tasks total planned to reduce future flooding.

An agreement between the city and the Army Corps of Engineers is helping pay for the project.

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