National Night Out

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Police departments across the country opened their doors Tuesday night, including several in our area. The Gainesville police and fire departments held their national night out together, allowing visitors to tour the public safety building.

The tactical team had their weapons and protective gear on display including distraction devices, vests, and guns.

The fire department had their engines on display, and gave out fire hats for the kids.

"The new public safety building is kind of a combined police and fire, so we decided to open the whole building up and give tours of the entire facility,” said Steve Boone, Gainesville fire chief. “It's a pretty new facility and we're pretty proud of it, it give the citizens an chance to come and tour the facilities."

Anna and Bonham, Texas, and Ada, Oklahoma were some of the cities to host National Night Out as well. In Van Alstyne, residents and their families took to the streets for some food, games, and activities.

Police say it's not just a good time. These people are fighting crime just by getting to know one another, and their local law enforcement.

"It makes us feel good, the community coming together to back law enforcement and show that they do back us every day we go out there," said Lt. Tim Barnes, with the Van Alstyne police.

Several other Grayson county agencies plan to hold national night out events in the fall. This is the 24th year for the nationwide event.

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