Deadline nears on old Denison H.S.

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DENISON -- It's been an uphill battle for supporters trying to save the old Denison High School. A recent letter in the mail is bringing some new found hope to supporters, and a well-known organization is also stepping in to help.

It's a heated debate- whether or not to save the old Denison high school. Supporters say the grass was so high you really couldn't even see the structure. Residents volunteered to come and mow for the upcoming sock hop, but the city stepped in and completed the task for them.

"We’ve got to have some money in the bank by Friday," says Michelle Castle with Save Old Denison High School.

Only a few days remain before the city council will decide the fate of the landmark on Monday. Supporters are stepping up to see the dream of saving the high school come true.

"The last count we we're at is well over a thousand residents," says supporter Joshua Gray.

An informational table set up on Main Street is generating public support, but another major player has shown some interest as well.

Supporters say the Chief of the Choctaw Nation has sent a letter encouraging them to try to preserve the building. Those leading the cause say they will present the letter to the council on Monday, showing them exactly what the nation is proposing.

They also will present the dollar amount raised.

"It’s very tough because we don’t have a dollar bench mark that we have to receive the city hasn't given us a dollar amount we have to have."

They say they need around $5 million to totally restore the building but right now are just trying to raise money for the approximate $1 million needed to restore the exterior while trying to gain support.

"We want to continue generating community support and give people the opportunity to sign the petition."

Time is running out for the old Denison High School. Around 30 people signed the petition Tuesday in hopes of saving the building. Supporters say on Friday during the sock hop celebration planned to celebrate the building’s 94th birthday, they plan to bring out all kinds of merchandise like pins and t-shirts to help raise the needed money for their cause.

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