Changing the Texas Pledge

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It’s been said since 1933, and most Texans know the words by heart, but starting this school year the Pledge to the Texas flag will be a little different, and school districts are starting to prepare for the changes.

During the last legislative session lawmakers in both the House and the Senate voted to change the Pledge to the Texas Flag.

For 74 years, the pledge has read, “Honor the Texas flag...I pledge allegiance to thee Texas, one and indivisible...”

Now, the phrase “one state under God” will be inserted, changing the end of the pledge to “one state under God, one and indivisible...”

Lawmakers say the change was made to match the pledge to the U.S. Flag which states, “One nation under God...”

They say they don't believe the modification to the 7-decade old tradition will cause a problem. It will just take some getting used to.

"People came to know that we had a state pledge, and so maybe then was a reflection of the last few years. If that is why people started asking, ‘Well, we don't have under God in the state pledge but we do in the national pledge,’” says District 62 Representative Larry Phillips.

The new pledge is not just for school use only. It will be said anywhere the old one was recited, but local school districts have already begun to instruct principals and teachers about the changes.

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