Taking action against vicious animals

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TISHOMINGO, Okla. -- After another pit bull attack in Tishomingo, officials are taking action by strengthening a city ordinance.

It’s a problem Tishomingo animal control officer Larissa Pittman is well aware of.

"We’ve had an increase of vicious animals coming into the city."

Those vicious animals have created some dangerous situations. A Tishomingo boy was mauled by a pit bull a few weeks ago, and on Monday Pittman herself was attacked by a pit bull when she was trying to feed the animal.

"I called her away from her food and when I called away I started petting her once again. She was just fine. Then it snapped and attacked me," Pittman said.

The dog was euthanized, but Larissa Pittman was left with a puncture wound and bruising on her upper torso.

Tishomingo officials say they have amended section 10-8 of the city ordinance to prevent future attacks within the city limits.

"this past Monday night, they revised the existing vicious animal ordinance to include any animal that would be threatening to a human,” said Tishomingo city attorney Dustin Rowe.

The change to the ordinance would deem any animal vicious if it threatens a human without being provoked.

"Ultimately when an animal attacks someone it’s too late so this takes out the provision the animal must attack before it’s deemed vicious," Rowe said.

The ordinance change is not breed or species specific. It applies to any animal.

City leaders say they hope these changes will help people in Tishomingo feel safer.

"Hopefully it will prevent attacks on children mail carriers," Rowe said.

"Anytime you live in a city there will be children and elderly walking the street, and it just takes one time for an animal to get loose and get them," said Pittman.

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