Update from FEMA centers in Sherman, Ada

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Here’s the latest from the FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers in Sherman, where things are winding down, and from Ada, where they are just opening their doors.


Flood victims in Sherman have one week left to register with FEMA at the Disaster Recovery Center at the corner of U.S. Highways 75 and 82.

FEMA manager Edie Heifner says the numbers have dropped dramatically in the past couple of weeks. They are seeing around 15 people a day coming through their doors.

She says caseworkers have been visiting victims, and then bringing them in if they hadn't made the trip to the center.

"We look at the numbers. When we feel that basically the needs of the community have been met, then we determine we have done and what we can do," Heifner said.

Once the center closes its doors Friday, August 17, FEMA representatives say they can still call 1-800-621-FEMA for assistance.

The Salvation Army is also lending a hand to flood victims, handing out back to school gift card for the kids.

If you would like to donate to their cause or a parent effected by the floods in need of school supplies you can call 903-868-9602 or stop by the administrative office at 5700 Texoma Parkway in Sherman.

In Pontotoc County, a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center opened on Thursday at the Source Community Building on East Main in Ada.

They will be open from August 9th through August 14th for those affected by the summer floods.

Disaster Recovery Center
Aug. 9th - 14th
Pontotoc County
The Source Community Building
730 E. Main St.
Ada, Ok 74820

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