Bonham GE plant to close

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BONHAM, Tex. – Officials at the GE Zenith Controls Plant in Bonham announced Thursday they will be closing their doors, leaving more than thirty hourly employees jobless.

Plant officials say informing their employees of the plant closure is one of the hardest things they've ever had to do, but all say it’s a move that had to be made to improve over cost effectiveness.

The employees learned of the closing Thursday morning. Officials say the plant’s transient voltage surge suppressor assembly operation and stocking location for their UPS systems will be moved to plants with more operating space.

Overall, 34 hourly employees will be affected by the move, but officials add that the decision to close the plant had nothing to do with their performance. It was to better utilize existing GE facilities.

Plant manager Jim Flemming said employees will have the opportunity to generate ideas and alternatives to the plant closure, all of which will be evaluated by the company.

Even so, officials say Thursday has been a difficult day.

"It’s a difficult message to hear and they have to understand it’s a purely business decision, and it’s not a reflection on these people." said Flemming.

Again, plant officials say a wide range of benefits will be available for eligible employees. Operations will begin to be moved within the next three months with the plant closing by March of 2008.

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