Gas war in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- Gas prices are dropping across Oklahoma. Officials with AAA say the state's July average was $3.17 a gallon. Now it's fallen even lower to an average of $2.79.

The gas war in Ardmore is in full force, and experts say having a large competitor in town is contributing to the drop in gas prices. They also say there’s more to it than just competition.

Fuel experts from AAA say that gasoline prices have fallen 38 cents over the last 25 days in Oklahoma.

Ardmore has also seen its regular fuel prices drop. You can find it at $2.68; a few even have it at $2.66.

We asked experts if the sudden drop in gas prices has anything to do with extra competition in town, the new Flying 'J' Station.

They say yes, but there are other reasons as well.

"Competition that the Flying J brings into the marketplace in Ardmore is certainly a factor. You can’t discount that also supply and demand is an equally strong factor," says AAA representative Chuck Mai.

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