54 arrested in 'Redneck Games'

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ATHENS, Tex. -- The 2007 Texas Redneck games were held over the weekend at the Pool ATV ranch just outside of Athens, Texas. Thousands of people converged on the ranch for what was billed as a weekend of fun with friends, where you can win a little money. But for many, the week ended with a trip to jail.

Some of the competition included a belly buster contest, the spam eating contest and something known as the mattress chunk. That's where a team apparently downs a 12 pack of beer, then drives a mattress into the woods to see how far they can throw it.

The weekend ended with 54 arrests including nine DWI, two DUI's involving minors, and two people were arrested for having marijuana and 32 citations were issued to minors in possession of alcohol.

"That's almost a competition out of everything we tried to avoid and to try to stop," said Henderson County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Pat McWilliams

"A lot of alcohol, a lot of drinking, a lot of revelry going on. Inside the park on the ranch itself, it is just a blessing that we didn't have somebody killed from an accident or from alcohol poisoning or something like that."

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