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It's history in the making. A group of 7 young teens, writing a magazine about north Texas and the people who've made a difference. It's called Bois d'Arc the Magazine and it's leaving a lasting impression.

Stephanie Fink is one of the authors of the magazine. She says she knew some of the history, but learned so much more.

For these girls, history is not just another story written in a book. Instead, it’s personal. It’s about getting to know North Texans’ and their journeys. “Every time an older person dies, it's like a library burned down. We were just trying to preserve everyone's story because they are a big part of our history.”

That's why the 7 home-schooled teens have published Bois d'Arc the Magazine; To share stories that happened in both Grayson and Cooke counties more than 60 to 100 years ago. Liberty Davidson, an author says, “People’s values were different. Everyone I interviewed talked about the people helping out each other through sickness. They were neighborly and friendly.”

That's something they want to share with North Texas; they all agreed, this project was better than any history class or book they could read.

“We didn't know how it would come across we hoped it would be popular and people would like it,” Liberty says.

So for more than a year, Morgan, Liberty, Stephanie, Tess, Katy, Elizabeth, and Virginia have interviewed more than 30 people and spent countless hours trying to recapture oral histories.

From love stories to farm life, this magazine has it all. For those who miss the good ole home cooking, a few family recipes have been included as well.

Dainah Blalock is the girls' creative writing teacher. She says, “The history of everyman is important, and the history of your family is important to the community.”

The community agrees, this magazine is making a big impression. “That's what I can't believe! That 14-year-olds put this together. I couldn't put this together after 5 years of college. I think that's amazing!”

You can see how to get a copy of Bois d'Arc the Magazine by emailing

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