911 caller asks dispatchers to help her move, ends up in jail

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Sherman dispatchers got an interesting call last night: a 911 caller phoned in asking for help, but she was the one who ended up behind bars.

The trouble with that 911 call is that the woman wasn't in any real danger and only needed help moving her things.

37-year-old Rachel Evans called Sherman dispatchers from the Sherman Inn, asking police to help her move to Dallas.

Take a listen...

911 caller: I need assistance, okay? I'm from Dallas and I ain't dumb and I... and I... and I need assistance.

Dispatcher: What kind of assistance?

911 caller: I need help getting out my $@%* over to where I'm going.

Dispatcher: You need help getting out your stuff? We don't move stuff.

911 caller: But I'm from Dallas, so I mean....

Dispatcher: That doesn't matter where you're from, ma'am. We don't help people move their property. We're not a moving service.

911 caller: Sherman is a little punk %@# town and a little bull &*#$ town to me.

Dispatcher: Okay, ma'am, if you have an emergency, then I can assist you, but I'm not going to sit here and listen to you cuss at me.

Sherman police did make what they call a welfare check and drove out to the Sherman Inn to assist Evans.

Sgt. DM Hampton says when they got there, they realized she was intoxicated and a danger to herself and others, so she was arrested and taken to the Grayson County Jail, where she bonded out today.

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