Robbery arrests in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- Police in Ardmore have arrested three men on robbery and burglary charges, and a fight involving more than 20 people broke out in a restaurant parking lot over the weekend.

Ardmore robbers

Ardmore police say they have put three men in jail for a series of crimes.

Officers arrested Raymond Corona, Jr., 27, and Jason Freeman, 22, along with a 17-year-old man.

The three are accused of first-degree robbery and second-degree burglary. Police say the men broke into a home on the 2600-block of McClain.

They are accused of stealing cash, movies, games, and a TV.

Restaurant disturbance in Ardmore

Also in Ardmore, a fight broke out involving more than 20 people in the IHOP parking lot on Vetereans Boulevard.

Officers say when they arrived, everyone had dispersed.

They say two men started the fight with several other people, then more joined in.

No arrests were made.

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