Warnings against phone scams

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It’s a warning against telephone scam artists. Some area senior citizens say they've received phone calls that could compromise their privacy. They pose as Medicare employees trying to verify information for a new card. Officials say these callers don't work for their organization.

A Denison woman says she received a phone call Monday afternoon from a man wanting to confirm her medical information. He claimed this was for a new Medicare card. The caller asked her age, and if her social security number was connected to her bank.

The woman said his story didn't seem to add up, so she hung up and phone. She called Medicare, who said it was a scam. Police urge residents not to give out any personal information, unless you're the one making the phone call.

"The only time you give out personal information is if you initiate the phone call,” said Sgt. Bruce Dawsey of the Sherman Police Department. “You call your credit card company, or you call the bank or you call your Medicaid or Medicare."

Police say to be cautious because these callers are professionals and can be convincing.

Medicare officials say they correspond through post mail, and would never call someone for personal information.

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