Authorities say grocery store robbery an inside job UPDATED

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KINGSTON, Okla. -- Last month two grocery store clerks claimed to have been held up and robbed as they were closing up shop, but police say it was an inside job, and the victims turned out to be the suspects.

It's taken a month, but today Kingston Police issued three warrants for suspects in the Super-C Grocery Store robbery, including the two clerks who officers say planned the whole thing.

Kingston authorities believe both of the clerks who said they were robbed on July 30th planned that robbery with the help of another suspect, and then lied to their friends, families, and officers about what they called a horrific night.

Police say the two clerks became suspects because of inconsistencies in their stories. When the juvenile suspect failed a polygraph test, investigators say they knew they had their suspects.

"The charges placed today where for the two adults and the young female juvenile has already been handed over to the Marshall County juvenile services," said Captain David Ervin of the Kingston Police Department.

Authorities say they are still looking into the possibility of a fourth suspect.

They hope to have the case wrapped up by the end of the week.

UPDATE: Money returned to store owners

Kingston Police say they've recovered more than half of the money stolen in the robbery of a Super C Grocery last month.

They say they found the money after questioning the suspects.

On Wednesday, investigators told us the robbery was an inside job and that two clerks originally claimed to be victims of the holdup/robbery, but investigators say they're actually suspects.

Police returned the money to the store owners.

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