Suspected burglary-ring leader, child sex offender both arrested

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- A suspected burglary ring leader accused of renting trucks to transport stolen goods across state lines and a man accused of asking a 5-year-old girl to touch him inappropriately have both been arrested, authorities say.

Suspected burglary ring leader arrested

Ardmore authorities believe they may have put a stop to a large burglary ring.

Police arrested Dallas resident Laurie Jean Martin for thefts they say stretch all the way to Dallas.

Investigators say Martin and others involved in the ring would rent U-Haul trucks and use them to transport stolen goods from Texas and Oklahoma.

Authorities are still investigating and looking for more suspects.

Ardmore man facing multiple charges after sexual incident with 5-year-old

ARDMORE -- Michael Fikes, 43, is accused of lewd acts with a child after authorities say a 5-year old told her mother she was asked to touch the man inappropriately.

Fikes was arrested Monday night.

Officers are still investigating.

In addition to the lewd act charges, Fikes is also being charged with indecent exposure and being held on a $25,000 bond.

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