Durant PD Chief Steps Down

8-12-04 - Three weeks after his officers voted ‘no confidence’ in the job he was doing, Durant Police Chief Roy Brown resigned. The vote by the Fraternal Order of Police was followed by a morale assessment and then Chief Brown was placed on administrative leave last week.

One day before a hearing to determine his fate, Brown resigned. But City Manager Paul Buntz says the FOP vote didn’t trigger the assessment or Brown’s resignation. An outside company conducted the assessment, but city officials won’t release the findings.

Five years ago, the FOP voted 'no confidence' in Chief Jack Jones, Brown’s predecessor. Within months, Jones retired.

Today, the president of the FOP told First News he was pleased with the news of Brown’s resignation, and says morale will improve dramatically.

Officers had filed six grievances against Brown within the last year, including complaints that his scheduling decisions were bad for morale.

City officials say they've already started looking for a new chief. Assistant Chief Greg Pollock will be in charge for the time being.