No Power for Some in Lone Grove

8-12-04 - Confusion over new rural addresses in Carter County has left dozens of people without electricity. Residents say OG&E shut off their power for non-payment, although the problem may go back to their new E-911 addresses.

The Lone Grove post office was the first in the county to stop delivering mail to the old addresses in July. That meant 35 OG&E customers came home to find this cut off notice on their door knob and their electricity turned off for not paying their bill.

The post office says they sent a list of new addresses to the power company and customers say they called the electric company also. But OG&E says they have no record of any address changes for all 35 people. The company says this is an isolated incident due to the e-911 address changes and they will work with each individual customer to try and get the problem resolved. It could take days to get everyone back on.