President to Call Troops Home

8-16-04 - WHITEHOUSE (AP) President Bush is expected to announce today that tens of thousands of U.S. troops will come home from overseas. Speaking to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Cincinnati, the president is announcing re-deployment of some 70,000 US troops now living abroad.

Officials say many will come home, though others will end up in different countries, some of them in Eastern Europe.

The goal is to boost Pentagon flexibility in responding to new threats abroad. The move does not directly affect Iraq. But it's sure to be politically popular at a time when the Iraq conflict is causing extended tours for many regular service members and reservists.

And Bush is announcing it at a convention that John Kerry speaks to on Wednesday; in a state, Ohio, that's a key election battleground. After the speech, Bush heads back onto the campaign trail with a rally in Traverse City, Michigan.