Fiery crash on Highway 377

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TIOGA, TX - A fiery crash involving several cars Thursday night, just north of Tioga. Three of the cars caught fire, and several people were hurt.

Highway 377 was completely shut down at Buck Creek, just north of Tioga, and at least 6 people were hospitalized, after five cars crashed on the roadway, just after 7:45 P.M. Thursday.

8 people total were involved in the crash, 6 were taken to hospital, 2 suffered only minor injuries.

At least three medical helicopters responded to the scene, as did Tioga, Gunter, Collinsville and Pilot Point Fire Departments.

One of the trucks involved in the crash had a family of four inside, and a witness says after he jumped out of his burning truck, he saw children in the truck next to him, as it too caught on fire.

The driver says he's just thankful no one was killed in this massive accident.

"Just knowing that God had my back that he protected me through that like everyone's been telling me I'm blessed to be walking around like this right now they've seen accidents like this with a way worse outcome," said Justin Lemoine, whose truck caught fire after crashing.

Texas DPS troopers are still investigating the accident, trying to piece together what exactly happened to cause such an enormous crash.

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