Fights Cause Concern for Downtown Theater

8-16-04 - Two brawls outside a popular downtown Ardmore nightspot within one month could bring more police presence to the area. The trouble has been outside the Tivoli – the most recent case was over the weekend when dozens of people began fighting in the parking lot behind the building. Police arrived, but witnesses were little help in sorting out what happened.

The first incident in July involved around 30 teenagers – a similar melee to the Friday night fight.

Since then, the Tivoli has enlisted the help of the Ardmore police department, by hiring off duty officers to work at security during all special events. Police are keeping a watchful eye on the theater as well.

Prior to these two incidents, it had been nine months since a disturbance had been reported at the Tivoli. Ardmore police say they believe the problems there are now under control.