Soldier Burial Controversy; Remains to be Moved

8-17-04 – The remains of a local soldier will be exhumed and sent to another burial place after controversy over his recent burial. Sergeant Luther Lee Rose was missing in action for 38 years after his plane went down over Laos during the Vietnam War. His remains were finally identified and he was laid to rest at Akers Cemetery in Sherman on Friday, August 6th.

Sergeant Rose was buried in Sherman at the request of his daughter from his first marriage, Janise Langford. However, his second wife, Beverly Rose wants her husband buried closer to her home in Haughton, Louisiana.

Beverly Rose was married to the Sergeant at the time of his death. She says did not know her husband was buried until she read about his funeral in a newspaper. Rose then contacted the Air Force and met with officials over the weekend.

The Air Force’s mortuary affairs office granted the exhumation request and the soldier’s remains will be moved. The Air Force will declare Rose’s graveside federal property in order to circumvent state laws or legal challenges that could be filed by other family members.