Horse Abused and Abandoned near Sherman

8-17-04 - Grayson County authorities are on the lookout for a man suspected of abusing and dumping a horse alongside highway 82 east of Sherman.

A witness saw a man in a newer black Ford pickup dump the horse on Friday, near Whitney Road.

Volunteers with the Lone Star Equine Rescue says its one of the worst cases of abuse and neglect they’ve ever seen. Since Friday, the horse has put on 50 lbs, but you can still see her ribs showing through. Experts say it appears the horse has been underfed, perhaps starving, for months if not years.

Rescuers named the horse "Wonder" because they wondered how the 2-year-old mare had survived as long as she did.

The suspect was about 5’10” tall, and his truck was pulling a rusty trailer. If you have any information, contact the Grayson County Sheriff's office.

The horse will spend the next three months with the Lone Star Equine Rescue, but after that she will need a permanent home. If you are interested, please call this number - 817-439-0412.