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ARDMORE, Okla -- Everyone has a talent. Heck, everyone has more than just one talent. But a man in Ardmore, Oklahoma, has honed his skills in on two very different talents: being a mechanic at his dad's Jif-E-Lube, and a clasically-trained concert pianist.

Caleb Hogan isn't shy about getting a little grease under his nails, either. The 23-year-old mechanic-turned-musician works hard at everything he does. He's even got his own musical business now, selling CD's and tickets to his live performances. More on that in just a moment. Hogan is a self-made man who learned the valued of hard work and discipline from his parents, Johnny and Paula.

Hogan says that at a young age, he wanted to learn how to play the piano. But his parents wouldn't get him lessons until he could show them he was serious. So he got some piano books and started out. It took him a couple of years, but finally, he got through all of those books. His parents knew then he was serious.

Hogan comes from a family of talented people. His sister Rachel, for example, plays the harp and is also a mechanic at the Jif-E-Lube. Johnny says it's fun to have his whole family be a part of the family business. ""That's the american tradition -- the small family business, everyone works in it to gain experience for what they're going to do," he said.

The young Hogan is engaged to be married. And when we asked him to describe his music, he said, "My music is very often classified as romantic. It does lend itself to that feel. I definitely would have to say that romance would parallel to a degree but my music is not nearly as beautiful as she is."

He's a smart man.

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His performances will be this weekend at the Goddard Center for the Performing Arts in Ardmore.

August 24 - 7pm
August 25 - 7pm
August 26 - 3pm

For ticket information, call 580-222-5854.

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